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Information for the persons responsible for VECMA on particular resources

This page provides instructions for persons responsible for deployment and maintenance of VECMA software on resources.

Common directory for VECMA

It is required that on each resource a common directory for the VECMA project will be created and made accessible to all VECMA participants. This directory should be created with cooperation with resource admins.

The VECMA directory structure

It is advised that on each resource the shared directory will have the same, following structure:

Path Description
$VECMA_DIR/Apps The directory for use by application providers
$VECMA_DIR/Apps/App1 The directory for application App1
$VECMA_DIR/Apps/AppN The directory for application AppN …
$VECMA_DIR/Common Common stuff, possibly useful for more than one team
$VECMA_DIR/.qcg-modules The directory for VECMA Environment Modules

The locations of VECMA directories on resources:

Resource Location MODULEPATH
Eagle /home/plgrid-groups/plggvecma/ /home/plgrid-groups/plggvecma/.qcg-modules
SuperMuc NG


The administrators should set up the top-level module for the VECMA project called vecma. This module should configure the common settings for all VECMA participants.

When loaded, the module should set up the $VECMA_DIR environment variable that points to the shared directory.

The module files should be put into $VECMA_DIR/.qcg-modules directory. In this way QCG will automatically load them for the QCG jobs started by the VECMA's users.

Module naming conventions

The modules created for the VECMA project on all resources should follow the following scheme:

Module Description
vecma The main module for the VECMA project. Will load basic settings
vecma/apps/App1 The module for a single application (e.g. App1)
vecma/common/Item1 The module for a common software item (e.g. Item1), possibly useful for many teams
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