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VECMA environment on resources

Each resource provides a dedicated environment for VECMA application teams and end-users. This webpage provides information how to use this environment.

The VECMA directory

Each resource provides a dedicated directory and disk space for VECMA. This directory is shared among all VECMA participants.

The locations of VECMA directories on resources

Resource Location MODULEPATH
Eagle /home/plgrid-groups/plggvecma/ /home/plgrid-groups/plggvecma/.qcg-modules
SuperMuc NG

The main VECMA module

In order to simplify usage of VECMA environment, the resources have set up the top-level module for VECMA. This module will configure the common settings for all VECMA participants. The vecma module should be available for users out-of-the-box when they run a QCG job (also interactive one), however, in case of regular jobs, started without QCG, the $MODULEPATH won't be automatically updated and the module won't be visible. Thus it is advised for users to add the command extending $MODULEPATH to their .bashrc files. In case of EAGLE cluster it will look as follows:

export MODULEPATH=$MODULEPATH:/home/plgrid-groups/plggvecma/.qcg-modules

The vecma module could be loaded with the following command:

module load vecma

When loaded, the module set up the $VECMA_DIR environment variable that points to the shared directory.

The VECMA directory structure

The shared directory $VECMA_DIR has the following structure:

Path Description
$VECMA_DIR/Apps The directory for use by application providers
$VECMA_DIR/Apps/App1 The directory for application App1
$VECMA_DIR/Apps/AppN The directory for application AppN …
$VECMA_DIR/Common Common stuff, possibly useful for more than one team
$VECMA_DIR/.qcg-modules The directory for VECMA Environment Modules

Module naming conventions

The modules created for the VECMA project follow the following scheme:

Module Description
vecma The main module for the VECMA project. Will load basic settings
vecma/apps/App1 The module for a single application (e.g. App1)
vecma/common/Item1 The module for a common software item (e.g. Item1), possibly useful for many teams
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