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 ====== WP4 - Applications ====== ====== WP4 - Applications ======
 +===== Needs and requirements =====
 +=== Application Description Questionnaire ===
 +You can find the online questionnaire [[https://​​forms/​aMj5MCa4Pm67ctrj2|here]] and the answers with some analytics [[https://​​forms/​d/​1WwcaPisAgyye7uQ53UT8P7ZH_GjmFbNUp3bIgGkQKgM/​viewanalytics|here]].
 +=== Acceptance Use Cases (AUCs) ===
 +Below is a possible template for an AUC:
 +## One-line summary of the AUC
 +Give a one-line summary.
 +## Applicable Software Role Required
 +Choose one or more of:
 +* Local site management (scheduling / running jobs on a local site)
 +* Simulated execution software (exascale simulator)
 +* Cross-site scheduling software
 +* Cross-site execution software
 +* local pilot job toolkit.
 +* Cross-site pilot job toolkit
 +* Access tools to use the cross-site execution and pilot job software
 +* Automation tools to automate complex VVUQ / multiscale simulation tasks.
 +* Coupling tools to couple single scale models.
 +* The VECMA toolkit
 +* VVPs and UQPs
 +* MMSF: Multiscale Modelling and Simulation Framework.
 +* Applications
 +* Output analysis and visualization tools.
 +## Steps in the AUC
 +Describe what the AUC involves in a brief step-by-step fashion. AUCs typically ​
 +should have < 5 steps, so that they are trivial to test.
 +## Base requirement for passing the AUC
 +Formulate what is minimally needed in terms of software functionality to warrant ​
 +## Software fulfilling the AUC requirements
 +Add the name of known software tools here that have been shown to fulfil the requirements ​
 +(this is done manually for the time being).
 +## Required files
 +Either upload them into a subdirectory of "​attachments"​ or provide a URL to 
 +the relevant required files.
 +## Other remarks
 +Once a new AUC has been created (generic or for a given application),​ please add it in the dedicated project repository: https://​​vecma-project/​VECMA-AUCs
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